Saturday, March 03, 2012

Vintage in Toronto

Bling, bling filled the CNIB hall along with clothing and accessories during the 2012 annual Vintage Clothing and Textile Show on Saturday March 3. The selections were far ranging and with quite a variety of prices - something nice was available for almost any price range.  I picked up a nice brooch for my little honey.
It was time to shop for some "Vintage Clothing and Accessories; Vintage Designer Fashions; Vintage Textiles including Quilts, Linens, Laces, Samplers & Related Sewing Items; and Vintage & Estate Jewellery."
I loved to watch the people that attended the show. Some people lived through the fashions and wanted to rekindle some memories, some younger people wanted something unusual as an accent, and some people wore the outfits like a type of goth getup. It was fabulous baby.

There is another Vintage Clothing Show on April 15, 2012 put on by Gadsden's Wychwood. The location of the sale is Wychwood Barns, 601 Christie St in Toronto.

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