Saturday, March 03, 2012

Milk floods Union Station shutting down subway

Originally reported as a watermain break at #Toronto Union Station I have found that the actual cause of the service shutdown was a gigantic spill of milk on Saturday March 3, 2012. As part of the 100th birthday celebration of the Oreo Cookie, Nabisco was transporting a giant glass of wholesome milk on the TTC subway system when the glass tipped - just as the subway passed through the southern curve between the University and Yonge lines. The milk was destined to join the giant cookies at the Eaton Centre. Instead the mall became the nerve centre of a concentrated effort as Nabisco shifted into high gear to resolve the emergency.
Emergency Oreo headquarters at the Eaton Centre

With pumps unable to keep up with the flow of milk the subway was shutdown on both lines from Bloor to Union Station and a massive fleet of buses were dispatched to shuttle people between the stations. Yellow caution tape was put up at Union Station leading down to the tracks, with evidence of a moist chocolate substance on the floors, and at Dundas Station the gates were closed shut at the entrance.
Gates bar the entrance to the underground TTC system
When Nabisco learned of the spill, and the TTC's heroic efforts to contain the spill, they immediately made plans to send giant Oreo cookies down to the station (photo at top: the giant cookies had to be cut in half because they could not even fit in the truck in one piece), hoping to soak up the milk and provide yummy goodness to the citizens of Toronto. Large white SUVs brought TTC Chef Supervisors (not Chief Supervisors as some thought) to site along the closed subway stations to help with the shuttle buses and to supervise the dietary requirements resulting from this culinary disruption to public transit.

My YouTube video of the shuttle buses on Yonge Street

Brave men will be working throughout the night and into tomorrow to contain the flood of milk and many more workers will be required to eat the soft cookie. Additional help will still be necessary to split apart the cookie and eat the tasty, white centre stuff. Thank god they were not double stuffed! Emergency workers were also seen bringing powdered chocolate mix to site, looks like a party might be getting started here. Hmmm, chocolate milk and Oreos. I think that Mayor Rob Ford's weight loss plan might suffer a setback tonite as he is personally leading the fight from City Hall and large, wet chunks of cookie have been diverted to Nathan Phillips Square. No word on the impact of the loss of milk and cookies will have on Tuesdays planned Oreo birthday celebrations.
The Nabisco Nerve Centre where the best milk and cookie minds seek a resolution to the crisis.

See the update after the jump.

The giant cookies did their magic and soaked up the milk - returning the TTC subway system back to normal operation on Sunday. Is there anything an Oreo Cookie can't do? See the birthday celebration photos on my post here.

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