Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Naked Bike Ride Toronto 2010

Update 2012: The ride goes Saturday, June 16! Be as bare as you dare, put on some bodypaint and enjoy the freedom of the ride and help to support the fight against oil dependency. Gather at Coronation Park at noon, ride begins at 1pm. See my photos of the 2012 event here.

2011 Update: The ride will be leaving Coronation Park at 1pm on Saturday, June 11, 2011. You can meet  to socialize and paint up around noon in the memorial/sculpture 'Victory Peace'. Check out my 2011 coverage on my post here.

Wow, unless I saw it for myself I would not have believed it - World Naked Bike Ride (WNBR) in Toronto, in the photo above the group heads north on Yonge Street. The bikers began the event in Coronation Park, which is along the shores of Lake Ontario between the CNE and HMCS York, starting at noon. Some spent the time doing interviews and posing for pictures while others put on body paint.
People arrived in ones and twos, awkward in the pre-naked stage. Then the one brave soul stripped naked and in ones and twos more followed the first's lead. There were no police at this year's ride providing assistance at intersections to get all the riders through, so the group provided their own safety lookouts. I would say about 50+ people enjoyed the days two wheeled naked adventure.

Part of bike month, this ride is a peaceful, clothes free protest about our dependence on non renewable energy sources.

I saw one runner fall, now that's got to be a bad case of road burn. One biker shouted out "does this bike make my ass look fat?"

The crowd was predominately male with a sprinkling of ladies thrown in the mix. Many of the naked bikers were enjoying multi year participation and were becoming used to the attention. For others this was their first ride and they were pretty nervous.

People on the street were loving the ride as the bikers shouted "Naked Bike Ride Day" and along the streets they grabbed their cameras to prove to others what they had seen in Toronto. The best reactions came from those on the open double decker tourist buses and the hippo water tourist bus.

These photos have been edited to make them safe for work. See more after the jump.

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