Thursday, March 01, 2012

A Mountain grows in Toronto

Update: They managed to truck the snow in, about 6 inches of the cold white stuff probably from the Arctic Circle, and the slopes are ready for ski and snowboarders to do their stuff. They started practicing on the snow on Friday, March 3, 2012.
Panorama of the Square
Mount St Yonge and Dundas

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You could pick up some free pop and Doritos Nachos
Burton Snowboards had a booth and equipment for people that wanted to hit the slopes
The pros started to gather in the early afternoon
This was a cool machine that air lauched bottles of pop in the air, a little pop mortar

Now back to Thursdays original post.
Do Awesome with the Canadian Shield Ski and Snowboard Tour as they hit the fake slopes of downtown #Toronto. They might do better riding down the advertising signs that surround Yonge-Dundas Square but they have to be content with building their own manmade mini-slope snow terrain park.
Join a excitement while a DJ spins some tunes, explore the vendor area, laugh at their fake snow and watch the excitement on the slope starting at noon on Friday, March 2 and continuing on Saturday. Do you think there will be snow bunnies? Come back while I explore the square tomorrow and update this post with some of the action.

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