Sunday, March 25, 2012

Cherry Blossom Watch 2012

Update: April 26, 2012: Many of University Avenue trees have lovely pink blossoms (see photos at bottom of post). Update: April 14, 2012: The cherry trees in High Park are in full blossom and the crowds are gigantic. There are also a lot of cherry trees in Exhibition Place and they are also in full blossom. The trees on University Avenue are now showing buds and should probably blossom within a week. Update: April 7, 2012: University of Toronto and Queens Park cherry trees in full blossom. High Park still needs some time as only some of the buds have blossomed. University Avenue and Old City Hall trees still need some time.
Update: April 6, 2012: some buds have started to open, otherwise not much change from my March 31 pictures - another couple of days should do it!

For the first time this year I see a lovely shade of green on some of trees as the early spring brings out the blooms. #Toronto waits for the cherry and apple blossoms to come out in places like High Park, University Avenue and beside Old City Hall.  You can see the many hundreds of people that fill the park and the red trains on wheels that run along the paths bringing visitors to the trees. See 2012 photo updates after the jump.
Here are some blossoms from past seasons as we wait for peak Cherry Blossom season - usually in late April and early May. Last year was a trifle late and the blooms waited for late May to come out to play. See my blossom coverage here.
I imagine the blossoms will be early this year - maybe mid April. I will keep watch for the bloom and sweet smell of the pink and white flowers. Once the bloom happens High Park becomes a zoo and parking and walking can be hard with the crowds.
You can also keep an eye on the status of the Cherry blossoms by following this forum and with the updates following the jump.

March 26, 2012: Blossoms out at Queen's Park - see more photos here.
March 26, 2012 no blossoms at Old City Hall

March 26, 2012 no blossoms on University Avenue

March 31, 2012 the trees in High Park foliage is growing
See more of my High Park visit here (zoo, wildlife and burned playground)
March 31, 2012 cherry blossom buds show signs of future blooming flowers
April 7, 2012 High Park buds are starting to bloom
April 7, 2012 the tree cherry trees at Queens Park in full bloom
April 7, 2012 University of Toronto cherry trees in full blossom
U of T trees - photo by Joe Hamilton
April 14, 2012 a couple stops and smells the blossoms at High Park
April 14, 2012 blossoms at the CNE Exhibition Place
April 17, 2012 University Avenue flowers are starting to bud and will soon blosssom
April 26, 2012 blossoms along University Avenue

April 27, 2012 Pink cherry blossoms at Ryerson University

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