Sunday, March 11, 2012

Protest against PM Harper and Robocalls

Protesters gathered in #Toronto to rally against Harper and the election Robocalls. Starting with a rally in Yonge-Dundas Square the members then set off southwards on Yonge Street to Queen Street West and Old City Hall with MP Olivia Chow, leading the parade with flowers and a bike.
The marchers chanted "Harper stole election. Hey honey Hoe robocalls got to go. This is what democracy looks like"
In the Square
The hudnreds of people considered the calls to be election fraud and were demanding an inquiry into the matter. Besides the Canadian Flags there were also lots of signs and the occasional Anonymous mask.
Marching down Yonge Street

At Old City Hall along Queen Street West

Posted by Joe Hamilton. See more photos after the jump.

Mounted Police in riot gear stand ready
"Democracy can kiss my shiny metal ass" sign
Interview by CTV reporter
HOPE, STOP and NOPE signs
In the Square 
More of the march down Yonge Street

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