Saturday, August 31, 2013

Fuzz Wax Bar in the Annex

Fighting stubble on Queen Street West has paid off for the Fuzz Wax Bar as a second location has opened in the Annex neighbourhood of #Toronto. Jessica Frampton and Florence Gaven-Rossavik announced the addition as the new bar on Bloor Street will help both men and women get fuzz-free - and this is important, as easy and pain-free as possible.

“We loved becoming part of the Queen West community and wanted to find a neighbourhood with a similar energy for our second location,” said Gaven-Rossavik.“The Annex is the perfect mix of retail and residential, with a high concentration of residents and a slew of complementary businesses on the main Bloor Street drag.”

Wax services include regular leg, arm and brow waxes as well as the Brazilian bikini and Manzilian. You can also add a trim or decorative gem or glitter to your intimate locations - it's time for some bling on your thing and some dazzle for the vajazzle. Unfortunately I have no pictures for you, but in the photo at top, the bee represents stubble.

Fuzz Wax Bar is located at 701 Queen St. W. and is coming soon to Bloor St.W.
Visit or call 647.748.3899 for more information.

#Toronto Airshow 2013

School is back, the CNE is winding down with the Canadian International Airshow (CIAS), and Labour Day spells the end of summer! While beautiful fall colours will soon fill the forests of Ontario, the advancing calendar can only mean winter is coming. Doom and gloom. Today's weather forecast calls for cloudy skies and rain in the afternoon so hopefully they made a mistake and the day will turn out just perfect for a staycation by the lake. Grab your chairs and sunscreen and be ready for start of the Saturday, August 31 to Monday, September 2, 2013 64th annual Toronto Airshow. Catch all the action down by Lake Shore Blvd and the CNE from 1:00 to 4:30 pm. The Red Baron looks like he has the drop on the allied biplane in the phot at top.
Mike Wiskus knows how to make his Pitts Special dance in the sky
You have seen the modern military jets keeping their afterburners off, you have seen the propeller driven birds waiting to be released, today you can see all the action in the air. Here are some photos from the practice held Friday afternoon.
Matt Younkin trails smoke in his Twin Beechcraft
The Trojan Horsemen T-28 demonstration team in formation
East vs West dogfight in the sky with Dragon and Red Star
Watching from a tiny boat in the inner harbour as the plane heads towards condos in Etobicoke

The Sea Harrier pilot shows of his plane's amazing hovering abilities
Kent Pietsch (Dead Stick) takes his plane just feet above the water right beside the harbour breakwall
The Canadian Forces Snowbirds jet demonstration team put get ready to wow the crowd for this years' show

Have a great long weekend!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Prop planes coming to #Toronto Airshow 2013

Media day at Billy Bishop City Centre Airport gave me a chance to get up close to the prop driven contributions to tomorrow's launch of the 64th annual Canadian International Airshow. The Great War Flying Museum's World War I biplane and Red Baron's three wing triplane look quite dangerous for their time, but they would be hard pressed to last a few seconds against a modern Sea Harrier.

T-28 Trojan Horsemen demonstration team brought 6 planes for the the show

See more of the planes after the jump. Posted by Joe Hamilton.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Sneak peek at @TorontoAirshow 2013 jets

Media day at #Toronto Pearson Airport was a chance to see some of the modern military jets that will take part in the CNE's 64th annual extravaganza in the sky. The Canadian International Airshow (CIAS) aircraft on view today were the L39, a Sea Harrier, Red Star and Dragon and a Canadian Forces CF18 jet fighter team. The CF18 pictured above is a first time performer to the show and it received the customary water blast from the pair of fire trucks as a welcome to the airport.

Tomorrow I will check out some more of the aircraft at the Toronto Island Airport and catch some of the Friday, August 30 practice. The regular show begins Saturday, August 31 and will continue until Labour Day - Monday, September 2.
Red Star and Dragon - the paint schemes on these aircraft are amazing. These planes will dogfight during the show

The bad guy
Hero plane

See more aircraft after the jump. Posted by Joe Hamilton

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Riverdale Farm in #Toronto

Nature beckons along the banks of the Don River Valley where a perfect place exists to spend an afternoon wandering the hobby farm and watching the livestock relaxing in the sun. This site was originally home to Toronto's first zoo, beginning in 1894 and which closed in 1974. When the exotic zoo animals were relocated to the Toronto Zoo the City brought in domestic farm animals like those found in a typical late 19th century Ontario farm. This place will be gorgeous in fall with the changing colours of leaves during the approach of winter.
Original farm buildings such as the Residence, the Donnybrook and Island House are still located on the site and provide places to explore. Open 9 to 5 year round, including weekends and holidays, the site is great for families with small children where they can see a farm in operation and maybe see some baby animals - and it's free.

Tour Riverdale Farm’s "scenic 7.5 acres along pathways through wooded areas, around ponds, and into butterfly-herb-flower-vegetable gardens, watch and chat with the farmer during daily chores and meet the animals at the pig and poultry barn, duck pond and in the unique Francey Barn, where animals live on the lower level."

A farmer's market featuring locally-grown seasonal produce and baked goods also operates Tuesdays from 3-7 pm from late May to early October.
Adjacent to the farm is Riverdale Park (East and West) which is a great place to toboggan in winter, and a pedestrian bridge crosses the Don River and the Don Valley Parkway. You can walk down the pathway leading to the valley floor and pass by several small ponds covered in a green blanket. From a distance the water cover seems like scum, but when you get close you see it is a layer of small, aquatic plants known as Duckweed. The floating, round plants number in the gazillions and cover all of the available surface area of the pond.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

#Toronto Air Show 2013 coming

Labour Day long weekend entertainment includes the high flying Canadian International Air Show (CIAS) from Saturday, August 31 to Monday, Sept 2, 2013 as part of the Canadian National Exhibition. The daily show starts at 1 pm and runs until approximately 4:30 pm.
For those that can't get enough of the regular programming there is also a practice on Friday, August 30 from 10 am to 2 pm.

Some of the planes that will perform this year includes BAe Sea Harrier Demo, CF-18 Hornet Demo, Trojan Horsemen T-28, CF Snowbirds 9-Ship Demo, Red Star & The Dragon, Lucas Oil Jumpers and a Corsair Demo.

Ryerson Engineering Purple Frosh

A chanting horde of engineering students came pouring out of the downtown #Toronto Ryerson University campus wearing hard hats and with skin dyed a dark purple. The annual orientation week mob of new students made their way into the very centre of the Yonge-Dundas pedestrian crossing where they gathered in a circle, chanting and cheering before heading east along the Eaton Centre, down Bay Street and into Nathan Phillips Square at City Hall. A number of tents have been set up along Gould Street where students can get some freebies like Mac & Cheese meals and enjoy a number of games such as the giant chess set. The volcano is just a blow up and it joins a number of other inflated attractions.
Luckily this long standing engineering tradition didn't see the students wearing yellow hard hats and dyed yellow because everyone would confuse them with Minions. The school orientation week continues from Monday, August 26 to Friday, August 30, 2013.
The joyous entrance to Toronto's main intersection

Crossing Bay Street on the way to City Hall
Ryerson's ring of fire has sprouted its own volcano

In 2012 I caught up with the University of Toronto purple engineering students as they met at Queen’s Park and then got to know the horse statue in a friendly, yet intimate manner. The statue is under repair right now and I don’t know if they will be able to continue with that part of their tradition this year.

Monday, August 26, 2013

A look back at the Sauruses

@BuskerfestTO 2013 brought back the gang from Holland's Close Act Theatre, in 2011 they had the freaky XL insects, this year they journeyed to the Cretaceous Period and returned with life sized dinosours that wandered the festival and captured everyone's immediate attention. Three of the terrible lizards, led by a tall handler, turned out to be very friendly and they seemed to like to interact with the visitors.
The giant beasts looked like they were ready to frolic around on prehistoric plains - eating whatever they could catch, but apparently they only eat veggies. As the Sauruses reached to the sky they were one of the easiest acts to see in the exceedingly busy street.
"They are presumed to be extinct, nonetheless the biggest beasts that ever walked the earth return to the twentyfirst century. With a deafening roar these Sauruses charge through the crowds, looking for food to calm their hunger. People jump swiftly out of their way having never seen such giant beasts before."
See more of the gentle creatures after the jump.

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