Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Motorcycles in March 2012

#Toronto has two Motorcycle Shows this month: The International Spring Motorcycle Show March 17-18 and the National Motorcycle Show and Tattoo Show March 31 - April 1. Luckily they both do not check if I actually have a motorcycle and they will happily let me come in. Ha, suckers.
The Spring Show is at the International Centre and will fill 4 halls (1, 2, 3 & 3A) and I look forward to the works of art known as Custom Bikes in Hall 1. Vintage bikes can also be found in this hall. You can save $3 off if you buy your ticket online before March 4. There is also a $3 coupon to save on the entrance fee. A bonus of the International Centre is the free parking. You can see my photos of last year's show here.
Then you can buff your hog for two weeks, get your biker chick's easy lift top prepped, and arrive all refreshed at the National Show held at the Better Living Centre in Exhibition Place. They have a $2 coupon for savings at the door and the show comes with more ink, tattoo ink that is - which is new this year. I am building up my courage to get a tat, most definitely temporary, that will go somewhere private. I will have to build my tolerance for pain to get the tattoo though, I better start my mind control exercises right now.

Leap Day cleanup?

Happy Leap Day! Every four years the February 29 Leap Day gives us another day in the year so that the Earth's revolution around the Sun matches up with our calendar. I had to apologize to my wife, I didn't get anything for her to celebrate Leap Day - the jewelry stores are really dropping the ball on this special day. Is it even a bank holiday?
The lovely un-winter weather is playing havoc with our usual pristine snow covered ground, which quickly turns grey, then black in the grime of a big city. Everything is just a little bit wet and muddy. At City Hall the only snow seems to be the piles left over from cleaning the ice in Nathan Phillips Square with the trusty Zamboni. A cleanup is in order because even the piles of ice snow have residue of the Happy New Years Celebration (including some bras and undies) now two months past, and the bollards emblazoned with "City of Toronto" (because otherwise they would forget which city it is) seem a little moldy.

The extra day shouldn't be used to slack off says OFM, a office and school furniture manufacturer in Holly Spring, NC, who says the time can be used to organize and clean the office. I am rather busy this Leap Year, maybe I can get around to the cleanup next Leap Year.

Well, if you have time OFM’s staff of office furniture professionals shared these five tips for creating a productive workspace:

1. Clean your desk.  Many people have a tendency to stack papers and other work materials in little piles around their desks, which can be helpful for a little while. But if those piles are for projects that are finished, file them or throw them away.

2. Keep it close. For paperwork that you need to reference frequently, consider a rolling file pedestal, such as one of these four models from OFM- Put really important files in a red folder at the near end of the drawer for quick reference.

3. De-clutter.  That novelty softball with a vendor’s logo on it? The old mug with a broken handle? All those extra pens? You don’t need them. If you aren't going to use something on a regular basis, it’s just clutter. Throw it away.

4. Get virtually tidy. Don’t forget your computer. Too many people work off of desktops full of dozens of icons for old spreadsheets and documents. If you don’t want to spend time organizing them, just put them all in a single folder and keep your desktop clear.

5. Wipe it down. Bring a spray bottle of a common household cleaner to work. Not only will it keep your desk germ-free to wipe it down from time to time, but it will also remind you to keep your desk clear enough that you can.

“No one likes to take time out of their workweek to clean and organize their desk, even though it will help you be more productive and happier in the long run,” said Blake Zalcberg, chief operating officer of OFM. “That’s why we recommend you do it on Leap Day, that one extra day we get every four years. If you can’t organize when you literally have an extra day, when will you?”

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Fashion Cares back for 2012 with Elton John

#Toronto Fashion Cares returns with a bang as Elton John will headline the Sunday, September 9, 2012 show at the Sony Centre. Missing since the 2008 extravaganza edition titled Fashion sCares the gala will raise funds in support of the fight against HIV/AIDS. David Furnish joins Dame Shirley Bassey in the photo at top.
Michael King with superstar singer Katy Perry

"The AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT) and the Elton John AIDS Foundation (EJAF) will serve as beneficiaries of the spectacular silver anniversary fund-raising gala, Fashion Cares, to be held onSeptember 9, 2012. Chaired by Michael King and David Furnish, with cosmetics powerhouse M·A·C Viva Glam returning as title sponsor, the event will feature an intimate dinner, a retrospective of the past 25 years of Fashion Cares, and a spectacular live show with performances by Sir Elton John and other high profile, international musicians. Held at Toronto’s Sony Centre for the Performing Arts, with creative direction by Fashion Cares pioneer Phillip Ing, the September event will present a dazzlingly theatrical evening of entertainment, fashion and philanthropy."

Deadly VIA Train Derailment Cleanup

The Black/Orange Box has been recovered from the deadly VIA Train accident in Burlington, Ontario even as the cleanup and investigation continues days later.
CN Freight Train passes through the incident area

King Road was closed by police at the level railway crossing to allow heavy equipment access to the accident site where VIA Commuter Train number 92 was switching tracks and derailed on Sunday, February 26, 2012.
King Road looking south towards rail crossing
Some of the six cars ended up hitting the adjacent buildings, with the engine ending up in the deep ditch that border both sides of the tracks. The work requires that GO Transit restrict their Lakeshore West Line passage through the corridor, check their website for further updates.

My YouTube video of the accident cleanup site

Three VIA engineers, including one trainee, died in the accident which happened near the busy King Road crossing (see the A arrow).

View Larger Map

More photos and the police and VIA news releases follow the jump.

Monday, February 27, 2012

FD rolls on Queen Street

The #Toronto Fire Department responds to an alarm at a high-rise on Queen Street West, just beside the Eaton Centre. Pumpers, high rise equipment and other fire trucks quickly filled the street adjacent to the mall as tenants moved out onto the sidewalk, spilling over to old City Hall as they evacuated the building. The fire alarms rang out at noon on February 27, 2012 and they had to pass by the taxi protest - you can see them responding during my video of that same protest.

They either found the problem fast, or it was a false alarm. Good news Toronto, now keep back 150 metres.

Theresa Longo and Ford Escape

Beautiful blonde model @TheresaLongo was at the #Toronto Eaton Centre helping to promote the launch of the 2013 Ford Escape. It looks like she was directing volunteers in a television commercial shoot in the giant downtown mall.
Lights, camera, action
Make your Escape

Toronto Taxi Protest

The horns weren't playing Flight of the Bumblebee, but a hornet was stirred up as dozens of cabs blocked traffic on Queen Street West in front of #Toronto City Hall and pounded on their horns. The taxis started lining up along the southbound lanes of Bay Street and wound around the westbound lanes of Queen Street West.

My YouTube video of the protest

As the double parked drivers got out to protest the two tier licensing system they blocked traffic, even as the Toronto Police Department was at the tail end of the cabs starting the process of towing away vehicles. The morning protest quickly dispersed just after noontime as the drivers got back into their cabs and started the symphony of angry horns.
The tiers involve Ambassador and Standard Plates. Many want to turn the Ambassador plates into Standard plates as the Ambassador plates limit the driver to the owner and the plates cannot be sold, instead they must be returned to the City.
Towing a taxi on Bay Street
Taxi cabs head out to pick up some fares and leave the protest behind

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Toronto Rock Cheerleaders

Two pretty #Toronto Rock Cheerleaders were at the Outdoor Adventure Show 2012 at the International Centre on Saturday, February 25, 2012.
Keli and Katie by the NLL Champion Cup with pom poms at the ready

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bloor-Yorkville ICEfest

The cold reminded me that winter still remains so it was nice that you could visit the upscale #Toronto Bloor for ICEfest. The giant blocks of ice were fashioned into works of art for the 7th annual street festival at the Village of Yorkville Park (Bellair and Cumberland Streets) and will remain Saturday and Sunday, February 25 and 26, 2012.
"You and your family will marvel at the incredible “Winter Wilderness Exhibit”that will include a magical “Ice Log Cabin” centerpiece display celebrating Canada’s wild parklands, complete with a northern Lumberjack splitting wood next to a log fire, a moose gazing among carved “totem trees”, raccoons and jack rabbits!"

See more of the ice sculptures after the jump.

Toronto Sexapalooza 2012

It's back and it's perky, yes it's the Sex Show called #Toronto Sexapalooza 2012 continuing Saturday from noon to midnight and Sunday from noon to 6pm. Naked Toni from Naked TV and Oasis Aqualounge will be there, so someone will be naked (update: she had to keep her thong on).
Red Herring Burlesque 
Saturday's main stage will feature: Pole Dancing by Brass Vixens, Burlesque by Great Canadian Burlesque, Q&A Jesse Kovacs, Latex Fashion Show/SuperClubs/Hedo Jamaica, Burlesque by Oasis Aqua Lounge, Bondage Bed Demo, Pole Dancing by Aradia Fitness, Bondage Bed Demo, Latex Fashion Show/Hedonism Jamaica, Canadian Hot Bods (photo below), Q&A, Jesse Kovacs, Mistress Patricia Marsh, , House of Domination & Fantasy, Burlesque by Great Canadian, Burlesque and Pole Dancing by Brass Vixen.
The day and night will be full of all sorts of adult fun with admission including Main Stage Entertainment, Product demonstrations, Workshops and seminars, Dungeon showcase, Educational videos, Alley of Fantasy, Body painting, Sex Museum, Fun contests, Door prizes and Shopping.
Model from the Hustler booth

Seminars will educate visitors on the Bare Basics of Burlesque, BDSM 101, Intro to Lap Dancing, Latex Clothing, Going Oral, Her toy Box is his Toolbox, Romancing the G-spot (Oh, I hope I can find that room) and Toys and Sensual Products.

Body painting was exceptional by Natashadesign(dot)com, I loved the colour and the beauty of the bold colours and it looked like some of the crowd signed up for the painting experience.
I am always happy to see the mix of people at this show - especially when frisky MILFs flash a little cleavage.  If you see me say hi and let me take your photo (don't make me spank you)! Stay tuned for photos of the event. Like the steak restaurant almost says...come horny or don't come at all! See my 2011 photos here.
I ran into a beautiful lady from last years show and she is getting hotter (photo above) - I can't wait for the next show!

More photos after the jump.

Outdoor Adventure Show 2012

Bears might still be in hibernation but it is time for #Toronto to experience the Outdoor Adventure Show at the International Centre until Sunday, February 26. Ice Pilots NWT Scott Blue and Mikey McBryan will be there and so will I. It's February, what else have you got to do? Parka the Parks Canada beaver mascot walks around the show. I was very disappointed to learn that I missed the seminar on being safe in Black Bear country, which I am thinking is probably the Don Valley area.
Urban Warrior reps

Yummy Chobani Greek Yogurt gave out free samples

See more adventure after the jump.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Graffiti in Kensington Market

I think artist and poet Gregory Alan Elliott owns Kensington Market in #Toronto - his work is everywhere throughout the famous and eclectic neighbourhood, including the "I don't know how to fix this" in the photo at top and all his merry, smiley-face, red hearts stuck here and there.
A framed heart with "Where are you"
Hydro pole heart, blue fish and words, and plenty of staples

"Just because it only beats for you doesn't mean it's broken" bike stand

There is a lot of wall in Kensington Market so there are many graffiti artists that paint up a storm. Here are a few of the more interesting works of art that I found on my journey.
A large sticker of the late Amy Winehouse, stuck in a doorway

 See more graffiti after the jump.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

I would like to paint that porch!

Sorry, that's part of a bad joke. Brookfield Place has three little sports cars, new redesigned 911 Porsche models, sitting in Sam Pollock Square. I would buy all three but I have several cars I haven't even used in the last year and I am really, really getting into the GO train experience (damn, I keep getting a charlie horse because you have to put your feet under the chair to fit into the face to face seats).
The gold 911 Carrera S cranks out 400hp with it's 7-speed, 6 cylinder, 3.8L engine. I was fascinated to learn that the rear-wheel driver vehicle has a compression ratio of 12.5:1 with a maximum torque of 440 Nm at 5,600 rpm.
The base model is only $110,000 ($138k with options), which is cheap at twice the price. and perfect for families (of one, without much hockey gear). Buy two and say that James sent you, don't rush because they are there until Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Happy Hump Day: Sexapalooza 12

Wednesday is Hump Day which in #Toronto is generally known as Speed Hump Day or just plain Turtle Day, the day when things go bump in the night. Speaking of nothing in particular I seem to recall that a certain sex show, namely Sexapalooza 2012, is set to hit Toronto this weekend Feb 24-26, 2012 at the International Centre.

"Sexapalooza is a fun, upscale adult consumer show and shopping experience that has been growing and expanding for the past 5 years. The show offers a safe yet titillating unique environment dedicated to entertaining and educating you on all aspects of sex and sexuality. Enjoy fantastic stage shows and learn new “how-to” sex tips at our seminars given by professionals in the adult industry. Don’t forget that you'll be shopping for great deals and the newest, hottest toys and products to continue the Sexapalooza experience."
Come for the shows and stay for the toys!

QR Code: Who Moved My Cheese?

An advertising graffiti sticker shows a Quick Response Code with a wedge of cheese in the middle of the two-dimensional matrix bar-code is on a large traffic control box at York and Adelaide Streets in #Toronto. Now that's Gouda! Actually it is grldcheese(dot)com.

Doors Open

Scarborough Bluffs





Lake Ontario

Nathan Phillips Square