Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Nikita 2 and the Polizei in Toronto

Filming is currently underway in #Toronto for the second season of the television series Nikita starring Maggie Q as Nikita and Shane West as Michael. The cameras and lights were being setup at the old Toronto and Commerce bank buildings across from the Eaton Centre on Yonge Street (205 and 197). I think this location was to represent Italy Germany because the police were wearing berets and with uniform jackets that said POLIZEI. The buildings are indeed monumental neo-classical structures that have an imposing, historic beauty, perfect for those times when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie!

Filming at the old Bank of Toronto

The star of the show, Maggie Q, is a former model born in Hawaii (Margaret Denise Quigley) that can be remembered for here explosive job in the Live Free and Die Hard movie starring alongside Bruce Willis, as well as acting with Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible 3.
Director chairs for Shane and Maggie

The City permit shows that filming this season will continue until April 20, 2012 by Nikita Films with producers Craig Silverstein and Marc David Alpert. By the director chairs on site the writer – Kristen Reidel, is on hand to make sure her script gets filmed correctly.

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Nikita is an agent and assassin who originally worked for a government shadow organization known as Division. After they kill her husband she goes rogue, hides out for three years and is now back to destroy the nasty Division.
A Polizei (Police) Car on Yonge Street
This area has been in the news recently because of the proposed 60 storey Massey Hall Condo which is supposed to fit into the space and leave the bank buildings still standing. Hopefully Nikita won’t blow them up today.
Earlier this week, prior to becoming a movie shoot location. Home of the future Massey Tower Condos
A movie shoot is a lot like the army - hurry up and wait
A steam machine sits around the corner on Shuter Street

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Toronto Grand Prix Tourist said...

Sorry previous poster I deleted your comment by accident. I was trying to get rid of one because it was showing up twice - but I screwed it up.

My apologies, James.

helstr said...

If you had had a closer look at the license plates of the Polizeiauto you would have seen that it was Swiss plates mounted on thh car. Mr. Italy Germany ...

Toronto Grand Prix Tourist said...

I got a tweet from Angel (@LoveBugAngel)- many thanks:

@jmhcet the episode of Nikita being filmed last week at the commerce bank building is episode 2.20 it is a bank scene which was indeed to look like it was in Germany. Lyndsy Fonseca, Maggie Q & Shane West were all a part of the scene. Hope you tune in, it was a great day :)

helstr said...

Well, again. It was a Swiss bank, a Swiss police car with Swiss plates and it was set to be in Zurich Switzerland. I was on set that day. Thank You very much.

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