Monday, January 16, 2012

Toronto's Ball

We couldn't get two, so #Toronto just has the one ball, located on the south end of the City. I have often found it fascinating so I thought it was time to revisit the large round sculpture that sits on the edge of Lake Ontario. It's time to hit the Google.
The metal and concrete structure is called 'Sundial Folly' and rests in a pool of water. The water feeds a small waterfall that tumbles a few feet into Lake Ontario on the east side of the pier in Harbour Square Park. The 1995 art work is by John Fung and Paul Figueiredo. Coming in from the backside you can take a walk on the platform that leads into the sphere.
Inside the ball, looking out. It really is peaceful inside the ball.
You can see the ball by looking across from Queens Quay Terminal, located conveniently at Queens Quay and York Street.

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1 comment:

Unknown said...

We had always seen the concrete ball as we took the ferry to Centre Island. A few years ago we did go inside as well and tried to figure out just how it tells time using the sun. Glad to report it was graffiti free inside.

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