Sunday, June 30, 2013

Platinum Blonde at the Chin Picnic

The 80's alt rockers played some of their many great tunes during the 2013 #Toronto CHIN PICNIC. The music was great, the band was in the grove and the crowd loved the hits from their many albums.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

CHIN Bikini Contest 2013

The #Toronto Scotiabank CHIN Picnic featured the 47th annual Miss CHIN International Bikini Contest featured a large number of ladies competing for the title. The winners were, left to right, Ky Williams (1st Runner Up), Sabrina DiBella (Winner) and Jenn Willim (2nd Runner Up).
Lenny Lombardi continues his father's successful multicultural picnic which was held at the Bandshell Stage park within Exhibition Place. The contest took place at 2:30 pm on Saturday, June 29, 2013, right after Concrete Blonde finished their set and Casandra Bella, Miss CHIN Bikini 2012 came by to pass her crown on to the new winner.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

Happy Face tour of #Toronto

I found a sad and lonely, yet still smiling, yellow beach ball by the edge of Lake Ontario in the inner harbour of Toronto's Harbourfront. Its smile was upside down, more of a frown than a smile of joy, so I thought I would cheer up the beach ball by taking it around some of the many tourist attractions around our great city - the ball really liked the water and took a few dips in various fountains.
I picked up the ball and strapped it to my bike rack and began my day's journey early in the morning of Friday, June 28, 2013. Once in place the beach ball experienced a 100% improvement in outlook, suddenly it looked happy. Which was good because the day was dull and grey and needed a bit of whimsy. This was before the early afternoon downpour that flooded streets and shut down part of Union Station.
At the Fairmont Royal York Hotel
Squeezed into the 'Pillars of Justice' by the University Courthouse
And swimming in the adjacent pond
Queen's Park, home of the Provincial government, they wouldn't let him on the steps
Behind Queen's Park in the fountain

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Ants breaking free

A fabric covered sign is ripped to shreds by massive ants. The absent sign was probably eaten by the ants and can be along a major street in Toronto, and it fills me with dread.

Monday, June 24, 2013

@StreetARToronto and Graffiti Folly

@Harbourfront art installation Sundial Folly always seems to attract graffiti and lately there has been some Batman and Superman symbols, which makes me feel safer for some reason. The city's fight against graffiti vandalism does not include a fight against legitimate and commissioned graffiti murals, in fact Toronto has established an artist directory to bring business and the street artists together. You can check out the city website to find a graffiti artist directory and the Graffiti Art Exemption Applications.
Sundial Folly
The StreetARToronto (StART) directory of over 30 artists is a proactive program to add beauty and character to many of Toronto's neighbourhoods. StreetARToronto makes it easy for the public and businesses to connect with street artists. Samples of the artist work is featured in the database along with contact information, availability and rates. The initiative is from The Clean Toronto Together campaign.
Toronto's skyline with the Sundial Folly in the forefront

"Murals and street art are an effective way to prevent graffiti vandalism while adding colour, vibrancy, and life to our streets," says Councillor Cesar Palacio (Ward 17 Davenport). "StART's artist directory is a way the City can help its residents and businesses build relationships with artists and add to our growing collection of street art."
Rhino mural

Wiener dog bridge mural
And on Wednesday, June 26 Mayor Rob Ford and Councillor Vincent Crisanti will fight against posters put up on Toronto streets. The education and enforcement program is also part of Clean Toronto Together and will officially launch at 11 am at the NW corner of Kipling and Finch.

"The campaign will encourage residents and businesses to use the City's street furniture kiosks and message boards to advertise upcoming events and services instead of postering on hydro poles, bus shelters, utility boxes or newspaper boxes. Posters that are placed on hydro poles, light standards and other public places will be removed by City staff and violators will be fined."

Bring on the Thunder over Michigan 2013

The amazing @ThunderOverMI airshow at the Willow Run Airport will return to the skies of the United States on August 10-11, 2013. This is my favourite airshow event - it combines both static and flying displays along with exciting combat re-enactments - this year they undertake a Vietnam War battle.
Re-enactment parade
Re-enactment camp

Aircraft of all types will fill part of the airport tarmac for photo and, where possible, tours. Then during the airshow many of these aircraft will take off from the adjacent runways. You get a great show on the ground, taking off and landing and in the air. The show has identified some of the participating aircraft: F-100 Super Sabre, Skyraiders, Me-262, DH-98 Mosquito, Huey helicopters, WWII warbirds and many more will be announced in the coming weeks.

"Thunder Over Michigan Air Show also confirmed today that the 2013 show will continue to be held
despite recent cancellations of other air shows around the country due to the federal budget sequestration.
Although the United States Air Force Thunderbirds have been scheduled to perform at the 2013 Thunder
Over Michigan Air Show, show officials now seem doubtful that the Thunderbirds will perform at the show.
“We still hold out hope that the government will be able to come to an agreement and that funding will be
restored for the Thunderbirds. However, with recent developments, the outlook for a Thunderbirds'
performance at Thunder now seems very unlikely,” said Kevin Walsh, Air Show Director. Although the
Thunderbirds have not officially cancelled their performance at Thunder, the show will no longer be
promoting them as expected performers."

Prop planes and jets make for an exciting blend of aircraft 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nature at McKellar Trailer Park

Located near Parry Sound, Ontario and along the shores of Armstrong Lake there sits a fair sized RV Park. With no tornadoes in the weather forecast we journey north of Toronto to visit family and enjoy the beauty of the site - with no tornadoes, it just has to be safe. We met some great people, spent time with my fantastic family and fed some cute chipmunks.
Early morning reflections

Sticking peanuts between John's toes, then the chipmunk gingerly removes the nuts without biting any toes

Citronella candles help keep the mosquito away
Lichen on the rocks

Fresh Joe takes some photos of a Heron that visited the lake

Doors Open

Scarborough Bluffs





Lake Ontario

Nathan Phillips Square