Thursday, March 08, 2012

Home for Pet Rock Wanted

A typed piece of paper on the outside of the #Toronto Eaton Centre advertised a Pet Rock available to a caring home - I was too scared to call the phone number and I couldn't afford another addition to my family (the sports fees are killers and if the rock wanted to go to University I would never be able to retire).
The paper was held to the Yonge Street mall frontage, just north of Queen Street, with duct tape at each corner and which was most certainly adhesive overkill.

The note read "Good day! I have a nice pet rock in my possession named Rick. I found him in the parking lot of my building just last week and having been taking care of him ever since. Recently I have had troubles keeping up with his needs like bathing and feeding him. His needs were no problem until I started a new Pokemon game so you can understand where my lack of time is coming from. I am looking to give him away to a caring home where his needs can be properly met. The name rick may be changed if requested since he is only a few weeks old. If you are interested in taking home this wonderful pet rock please contact me via mobile:" You can see the number in the picture if you want to adopt.

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