Monday, August 13, 2012

Stiff Pedestrians - life in the big city

City People art installation at #Toronto Royal Bank Plaza building. I can't tell if the people were bored or just stand offish - they refused to meet my gaze. The work was placed in 1989 and overlooks Front and Bay Streets and was created by Cambridge, MA artist Catherine Widgery. It is not often that I walk by and the barrier that leads up the steps to the elevated pathway and patio is open, but one day the way was clear and I came up to explore the area. You can also get a nice view of Union Station from the patio.
The people on poles can rotate
The twenty characters are painted onto aluminum and also mounted on the wall that leads up the steps along Front Street.
"Commissioned by The Royal Bank of Canada head office, Toronto, Canada. Outdoor, 15’ x 100 x 32’ $100,000 Twenty over life-size moving silhouettes that are anamorphically distorted and turn in the wind." Catherine has also created several pieces in Toronto including: Mind Shadows 2011 for the North Toronto Collegiate New Republic Development, Light Vibration for the Glen Gould Studio and Liquid Echo at the Penrose Condominium Complex.

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