Monday, August 20, 2012

Bloods N' Suds - Toronto Zombie Walk

The undead worked the grave shift at the @TOZombieWalk car wash on Saturday August 19, 2012. The 3rd annual bloodfest was held at the Classic Coin Wash at Lansdowne and College from noon to 5pm. Money raised from the event goes towards the upcoming Toronto Zombie Walk which is on October 20, 2012 starting at Nathan Phillips Square.
"So come down and bring your car, bike, or any other modes of transportation to be washed by our undead experts! Or come in walking corpse form and give us a severed hand…*BLOOD TREATMENT and ZOMBIE ATTACK available for a small extra fee.Blood supplied by CREEPED OUT CANADA!POWER HOUSE OF TERROR will be there selling the advanced tickets to their haunt and a discounted price of $15 with $5 of each ticket sold will also be going to support the 2013
Toronto Zombie Walk."
They were able to blood up the cars, then get them all sparkly clean faster than I would have thought. I mean let loose a rain of blood, claw at the people in cars, eat a few brains, then wash and repeat.
There was also a booth selling zombie merchandise - shirts, stickers and cupcakes and the blood was everywhere. Next year they need to get brain shaped sponges!

Posted by Joe Hamilton. See more photos after the jump.

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