Friday, August 24, 2012

FanExpo Sexy Cosplay 2012

@FanExpoCanada brings out plenty of people from #Toronto dressing up in cosplay - these are the beautiful ladies of the 2012 edition. All the ladies had the powers of superheroes and some came dressed that way as well. Wonder Woman was a popular choice. I have not seen any Star Wars Slave Leia bikini costumes yet. Photos from several other events, like Anime North, have been added to this collection.

The LG ladies
Supergirl is ready to spring into action - I love the tie that is flying away
This is a rad latex outfit - complete with a make believe flame thrower and gas mask

Naked News reporter covering the show

See more cosplay after the jump.

A Wonder Woman news reporter

Wonder Woman

Fridays pictures....
Jessica Rabbit fashion

Lady Thor
Repo! Shadow Cats

Beauty in Steampunk with Attic Raiders

And from the 2012 March ComiCon.....

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Awesomeness. <3

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