Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Motorcycle Shows in #Toronto

It has been a banner year for motorcycles as the weather and bike shows have been perfect for riding. Ontario has even had three Friday the 13th Port Dover motorcycle rallies in 2012 as well as a number of motorcycle shows spread throughout the year. The large ranges of clothes, equipment and machines that you can purchase are outstanding - from the sporty look to the hardcore biker look, to custom made bikes that provide your own statement. 
A motorcycle with two helmets parked at the Friday the 13th Port Dover Rally

The Ontario Road Safety Report states that there were 98,156 licensed motorcycles (1.4% of the vehicle population) in 1998 with motorcycles involved in almost 1,800 collisions that year. By 2008 the motorcycle population had doubled to191, 572 (2.2% of the vehicle population) with 2,600 collisions and 53 fatal accidents in 2008.

The massive interest in motorcycle and motorcycle wear has exploded and annual motorcycle shows tap into that expansive market, helped along by beautiful models, bikini contests and leather chaps! 
Toronto has several shows each year in town and a few just down the road: In 2012 you can still look forward to the Motorcycle Show Toronto Dec 7-9. Next year you can get back to these shows: North American International Motorcycle SupershowInternational Spring Motorcycle Show, Toronto National Motorcycle and Tattoo Show, Niagara Motorcycle Show and The Motorcycle Show Toronto in December.

And who can forget Port Dover? In 2013 the Port Dover Friday the 13th Rally happens twice, in the months of September and brrr, in December.
Custom choppers are shiny works of art
In 2001 the Ontario Government - in recognition of the important recreation and transportation contributions of motorcycles, introduced Motorcycle Awareness Week (Bill 92 2001) which begins the first Monday of May. "The motorcycle is an important part of recreation and transportation in Canada. It has contributed to government activities nationally, as well as locally, both in war time and peace time. In the interest of safety, it is necessary to develop skills and awareness of proper habits to handle motorcycles on Ontario highways. It is also important for the citizens of Ontario to be aware of motorcycles on highways and the vulnerability of motorcyclists and to recognize the importance of sharing the roadway."
With Ontario's graduated licensing you need to get an M1 and then the M2 for motorcycles. When you pass the M1 knowledge test you can drive during the day, without passengers and off most highways with speeds greater than 80 km/h and with a zero blood alcohol level. Then after the M1 road test you can move onto the M2 and M licenses - check out the details on the link above.
I tried to find out what motorcycle insurance would cost but it is so dependent on motorcycle types and your driving history that you really need to get a quote. I like that in this day and age you can get an online quote from insurance companies like La Capitale's motorcycle insurance.

Even with all the scooters and motorcycles options I think that I will keep going to the shows and looking at the bikes and babes instead of getting onto a two wheeled machine.

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