Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Faces at #Toronto Harbourfront

Big, colourful heads hang outside at the @HabourfrontTO Centre "The World in One Place". They sit quietly, for what purpose I do not know. They were probably part of Taiwanfest which was held August 24-26, 2012 within the Queen's Quay entertainment complex. I missed the part where people put the masks on and go around doing crazy things knowing that people can't tell who they are.
The day after the CNE Labour Day weekend is the official start of winter in Canada but you can still bundle up and catch several weekend festivals at Harbourfront. These are the following events that still remain: Ashkenaz Festival Aug 28-Sept 3, Caribbean Tales Annual Film Festival Sept 5-15, Vegetarian Food Festival Sept 7-9,  Vietnamese Latern Festival and Fortune Cooking on Sept 16.

These faces look out onto the Natrel Pond / Rink

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