Sunday, August 12, 2012

GAIA One Drop Exhibition

The @ONEDROPdotorg photo exhibition is in the historic Distillery District of #Toronto until September 3, 2012. The photos were obviously taken from space and I thought they were just satellite photos (does Google have an app for that) or maybe from the space station astronauts, but these pictures were from a private astronaut!
A lot of the pictures show abstract mosaics which are beautiful in themselves, but when you realize they are actual photos of our planet Earth they take on an extra layer of wonderful.
"GAIA—a creative project designed by Guy Laliberté for ONE DROP—is a body of work bearing witness to the beauty of the planet, as well as the fragility of Earth with regards to the universe. In September 2009, Guy Laliberté became the first Canadian private space explorer. During his 11-day stay on board the ISS, Laliberté carried out his Poetic Social Mission and chose to use this unique opportunity to raise individual and community awareness of water-related issues and to help achieve sustainable change in terms of universal water access and protection. Through the lens of a camera always at hand, Guy Laliberté witnessed the beauty of continents that seemed to float in water. He took thousands of pictures, both to remember and to share his odyssey with us all."

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