Thursday, August 23, 2012

FanExpo 2012: Stan Lee and Spiderman's 50th

The #Toronto @FanExpoCanada was opened by Lou Ferrigno while Stan Lee blew out candles on a cake to celebrate the Amazing Spiderman's 50th Anniversary. Plus there was cool cosplay. If you thought it wasn't going to be busy on a Thursday - think again. Fans quickly started filling the aisles as they passed by comics, action figures, movie promotions and tons of fans enjoying a weekend of cosply. Going later to Buskerfest I was surprised to see many of the attendees walking in Toronto still in their outfits.
Fans waited and the crowd grew to epic proportions as the smiling Stan Lee made his appearance at the Marvel Comics booth in the middle of the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. He was there to celebrate the 50th milestone year of the Amazing Spiderman.
After Stan blows out the candles he begins the autograph session
Lou Ferrigno after cutting the ribbon and making it to the celebrity autograph rows to sign autographs and pose for pictures.

See more cosplay and stars after the jump. See the sexy cosplay ladies here.

Batman's Dark Knight Rises new enemy - Bane

Fashion Whore the dress designer
Avenger WWII cheerleaders salute the flag

Latex masks
The Dark Spiderman

Fairly OddParents characters, without Timmy
Captain America

Naked News reporter

Dead Before Dawn 3D
The Hulk in lego
Wonder Woman reporter Sarah Nicole Davis from Fight Network

A pixilated box head
Just Dance action on the dance floor
LeVar Burton
Joe Flanigan

The DeLorean time machine
Wonder Woman
Toronto Batman

Supergirl and Wonder Woman

Stay tuned for day two coverage!

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