Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Mounted Police: Vimy Ridge

The #Toronto Police Service Mounted Unit is headquartered within Exhibition Place at the Horse Palace building, if you see the pile of used hay outside the large doors you have found the unit. We talked with Officer MacPherson on his mount Vimy Ridge who was chomping at the bit and drooling up a storm as he eagerly waited to go out and solve crime - the horse seemed eager as well. I noticed that the horse almost seems to be wearing a badge as well.
The Horse Palace seems a good fit for a unit that has tried out several postal codes across the city over the years: Metro Zoo, Casa Loma and various police stations (probably near the sergeants desk).
"At this time the Unit is housed in the C.N.E. (Canadian National Exhibition) stables. The Mounted Unit Headquarters was located in Sunnybrook Park in North York. This historical building was used by the Unit Commander and the administrative staff. There were horses housed at the facility temporarily while renovations were being completed at the C.N.E. stables.

All of the horses and officers are located at the Horse Palace on the grounds of Exhibition Place. This building was originally built in 1932 to temporarily house horses during the Canadian National Exhibition, Royal Winter Fair and various other events. The Mounted Unit began using the building in 1968."

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