Saturday, October 10, 2015

Fresh Joe says goodbye

My brother, Joe Hamilton, fought cancer for two and a half years before it finally overwhelmed him and he passed away today.
Update: Joe's Celebration of Life is Saturday, October 24, 2015 at Wards Funeral Home in Brampton. Anyone who knew Joe and wanted to drop by is more than welcome. If anyone wants to pass this on to those they think may want to attend, please do so with my thanks. UPDATE: The post Celebration will be held at the Peel Art Gallery (9 Wellington Street E, Brampton) just a quick walk around the corner.
Joe and James

Joe was an amazing photographer and besides contributing to this blog, he was also a photographer for Inside Track Motorsport News Magazine. His story is typical of those with the disease that strikes so many, sore one day, diagnosed within a week, given a year to live and survived much longer before the death sentence finally came to take him away.

The battle against terminal cancer is a battle against both the failing body and crushing depression. To keep fighting with failing health and a guaranteed best before date is one that is hard to contemplate for those diagnosed with cancer along with friends and family of the affected. The continued spread of the disease wears down the mind and as a result, several times Joe wanted to stop chemo. He was in the midst of another bout of chemo when he had trouble talking and a CT scan showed that the cancer had made its way to the brain. Radiation treatment failed to halt the affects and Joe suddenly took a turn for the worse on Thursday morning.
Many of this blog's readers have met Joe and will also miss him and his sense of humour. I know that I lost a close friend and brother who I loved very much. Thanks to those who extended the hand of kindness and friendship. In the end it was those relationships and his memories that kept him from despair.

In addition to his oncology health team, the palliative care team that came to his home with treatment and support were a fantastic group of people - a special thank you from Joe Hamilton's family.

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Unknown said...

I'll miss you Joe! I always appreciated Joe's intelligence and wit.

Peace to Joe,

Jeff Smylie

Richard McGhie said...

RIP Joe always enjoyed your content.

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