Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Fun on Yonge Street

The red rooster outside of Sunrise Records on @DowntownYonge Street in #Toronto had a large, black pompadour. This was a well styled bird, I thought to myself, reminded me of John Travolta in Grease. The rooster kept away from Swiss Chalet up the road, which was smart - I would hate to get that hair in my rotisserie, charbroiled chicken meal, or even see him spinning on a spit. Sunrise is a fun store to go in. They sell strange round, black discs made of vinyl, toys and collectibles.
Yonge Street near the Eaton Centre is a magnet for promotional activities and home to many buskers, or street performers. At Yonge-Dundas Square there was an unsteady pirate looking for treasure and alcohol. It was Captain Jack Sparrow and with TIFF coming up it could have been Johnny Depp. You can keep up with the activities in the Square by checking out the calendar of events.

He even had a sword and made me walk a plank. I haven't seen two of my favourite characters lately - Kate Mior and Batman, but I assume I will see Batman this week at FanExpo and Kate will be at Buskerfest.
Celebrate Yonge Street continues in the heart of the city as world's longest road is reduced to two lanes between Gerrard and Queen Streets. You can lounge in roadside patios watching drivers looking enviously at the fun while they are stuck in rush hour traffic.
All this excitement got me thirsty so it was lucky the lovely NOS ladies were on the streets providing full size samples of their energy drink for a small donation. Their gorgeous-nous was provided free.

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