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War of 1812: Siege at Old Fort Erie

They say you should be there when the Niagara Parks has the old Fort Erie blown up during the 26th annual Siege of Old Fort Erie re-enactment over August 11-12, 2012. Blown up real good I hope. To make sure things go boom there will be a British artillery demonstration before several battles - including a night battle. The actual siege happened between August 3 to September 21, 1814.
The weekend is billed as the largest battle re-enactment in North America with over 700 soldiers bringing muskets, cannons and colourful uniforms. The fort also has the big bang as an explosion rocks the fort with a giant ball of fire rising during the show.

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Old Fort Erie had a storied past as part of the War of 1812 hostilities. In 1814 the 200 soldiers holding the fort surrendered to an overwhelming force of American soldiers. The fort was the first fort built in Ontario by the British and was a base for the British during the American Revolution. It is also known as the bloodiest field of battle for the fighting that happened during the Siege of Fort Erie where over 3000 were killed or wounded.
Native forces battled for Canada
You can also check out the Niagara Parks Calendar of Events for many more attractions to visit during the year. I know I love going to Niagara Falls and often stop at the many waterfalls and towns along the way and the firework shows are awesome.

Posted by Joe Hamilton. See more photos after the jump.

Guarding the walls

Public could walk through the encampment to see how they lived
Musket fire marked the lines of soldiers

Surrendering to the Americans

The night battles

Explosions at the fort

Event Schedule: Saturday, August 11
10:00 a.m.Fort and Camps open to the public
11:00 a.m.South Field – Major Buck’s Surrender and ‘Stars & Stripes’ run up
12:00 p.m.Inside Fort – Uniforms of the War of 1812
1:00 p.m.South Field – British Artillery Demonstration
2:00 p.m.South Field – Battle
3:00 p.m.Camp Displays
4:00 p.m.Inside Fort – U.S. Artillery Demonstration
6:00 p.m.Fort and Camps will be closed to the public until the reenactment at 8:00 p.m.
8:00 p.m.South Field – Battle – Drummond’s night assault on the Fort
9:00 p.m.In the Fort – Lantern Tours* – ‘After the Battle’ see the effects of the Failed British Attack
*Separate tickets are required and are available at the Gift Shop – regular admission applies. Tours start at the front gate of the Fort.
Sunday, August 12
10:00 a.m.Fort and Camps open to the public
10:30 a.m.Memorial Service in the South Field
1:00 p.m.South Field – Battle: ‘U.S. Sortie’
2:00 p.m.In the Fort – American Evacuation of the Fort & ‘Union Jack’ run up
4:00 p.m.Camp closed to the public
5:00 p.m.Fort closed

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Oldstudent said...

Thanks for the great 1812 shots. The U.S. forces are representing the 21st U.S.Infantry. (My son and husband are in several of these shots.)

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