Thursday, May 20, 2010

Bad Movers Arrested

Today Toronto Police charged several people in a fraud investigation involving deceptive movers. Apparently people were quoted one price and on the day of the move they get the customers to sign a contract that differs from their quote, their possessions are loaded onto the truck and then the movers demanded more money. If people could not come up with the additional money their furniture and other goods were thrown onto the street. Kijiji has pages of examples of these scams.

Because the movers continued to do this to so many people the police were warning the public not to sign contracts without reading and understanding the contract and also to check with the local Better Business Bureau while looking for movers.

To cover their tracks the company kept changing names (there were about 11 companies that were involved) always looking to allegedly rip off people. In the case police have laid about 160 charges such as fraud, extortion and conspiracy against nine people. Here is the police mug shot of Syed Altaf Hussain, 57, who was charged in the fraud investigation, he's got sort of a mask thing going on there.

In addition to all the stress of moving there have been many that have had their possessions thrown onto the street or had to pay the extra money and had very little option or hope of ever getting their money back. A woman even collapsed after her furniture was taken off the moving truck. Thanks to the police for doing a good job to help the people of Toronto.

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