Saturday, August 11, 2012

Taste of the Danforth 2012

The annual Pilaros @TOtheDanforth is in #Toronto Greek Town from Friday to Sunday, August 10-12. The cultural and culinary event takes place on a pedestrian only Danforth Avenue between Jones and Broadview. I got there just in time for the rain to start so the umbrellas started to come out as the many visitors tried to stay dry. Some got free yellow umbrellas and some just went to a patio and had something to eat or drink under the restaurants patio umbrellas.
Hand held and patio umbrellas
Hopefully Sunday will be a better weather day
Giant Foosball table
Argo Cheerleaders

See more after the jump.

The Rock Cheerleaders
Zombies of Terror

CityTV reporter works the grill
Small midway had some rides and games

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