Monday, August 20, 2012

IKEA in a Box

The large white @IKEACanada box sat beside the #Toronto RBC building on Bay Street in a spot usually reserved for luxury boat sales and temporary golf courses. Commuters that braved the streets in the early morning passed by the corner in a steady march. The usual city smells hit my nose with no hint of suasage and eggs so I was extremely disappointed this was no mini-IKEA serving tasty $1 breakfasts. 
Much like a monkey at a monolith, I gathered my courage and approached the box, touching and staring, looking for a bone or stick to bang. Someone approached and handed me a book and as I prepared to roll it up and use it as a stick I realized that it was the new 2013 IKEA catalogue.
The IKEA rep led me to the front of the box with the side marked "FIND YOUR Favourite Page". The letters were a window into the box and I realized that it plainly hollow with pages and pages of the catalogue posted on the inside walls. No partially constructed furniture waiting for someone that could figure out the do-it-yourself instructions for the farginoodle or Borgsjo.

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