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War of 1812: Flight of the Royal George

Musket and canon fire filled the air around Bath and Kingston as the St. Lawrence War of 1812 Bicentennial  Alliance War of 1812 reenactment re-fought the Flight of the Royal George (photo at top). The St. Lawrence River was a vital route from Montreal to Kingston and carried all the regular soldiers, sailors and weapons that Canada needed to fight the Americans throughout Upper Canada during the War of 1812.
The event included period encampments and both land and naval battles over the Canada Day long weekend   June 30 to July 1, 2012. Here are their battle plans (shhh, they are top secret).

Saturday, June 30, 2012: Re-enactment of the American attack on the Village of Ernesttown (Bath) & the burning of the Schooner “Two Brothers”. British Batteries (Spectator Viewing Areas) at the Bluffs (Amherst Island), Howell’s Windmill (Lennox Generating Station/OPG Park), Finkle Park & Fairfield-Gutzeit House in Bath. Evening Naval Engagement on the Bay in Bath
Sunday, July 1, 2012: Re-enactment of the American attack on Kingston British Batteries (Spectator Viewing Areas) at William Fairfield House (Amherstview), Herkimer’s Nose (Lemoine’s Point), Massassaga Point (Kingston Marine Museum), Point Frederick (RMC) and Point Henry (Fort Henry). Bicentennial Parade in Bath
During Saturday's war reenactment the Americans loaded onto gun boats and waited till the Royal George - played by the American Brig Niagara, came by at about 2:20pm. The George was followed by a small fleet of ships - St Lawrence 2, the Caledonian, the Fair Jeanne and La Revenante. The ships following George were Canadian playing as Americans. 

The Royal George continued past the town and headed to Kingston while the rest of the ships stayed at Bath (which was Ernestown during the war). 
Musket fire from a small gun boat. Smoke and explosions of light and smoke mark the firing of the old weapons
Late at night and the fleet rests in the moonlight

Night time naval battle YouTube video by Joe Hamilton

See more photos of the weekends battles after the jump. Posted by Joe Hamilton.

Bath had a battle in the town, with the British driving the us out of town. They battled down the streets, with the British on both sides, forcing the United States back to their ships.

Before the fighting started, Canada's famous jet demonstration team, the Snowbirds did two passes over the town as part of the celebration of the event.
Lt Robin Braet, above, is the communications officer for HMCS Ontario, which were the guys firing off some guns at the attacking US Navy.

Then there was the final part of the flight of the Royal George, with the ship anchoring off of Fort Henry and the surrounding guns taking on the US navy. 

The full schedule of events

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Alicia said...

Awesome shots, James! Thanks for posting!

Alicia said...

Awesome shots, James! Thanks for visiting and sharing!

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