Sunday, July 01, 2012

2012 #Toronto Pride Parade

The annual PRIDE Parade marches down the streets of Toronto on Sunday July 1, starting at 2pm with a theme of Celebrate and Demonstrate. The route is Bloor-Yonge-Gerrard, ending and starting at Church Street. The reason that PRIDE lasts at least a week is because it would be impossible to contain the excitement and community in only one day or even on weekend.

Besides the rainbow, people brought out colours and outfits so bold and beautiful that the parade was a true sight to behold. Visitors crammed into the spaces along the fenced off route, hoping to get some mementos like beads and TROJAN condoms. One by one the many groups headed out from Bloor and Church Street until hours later the last group passed by and the people filled the streets heading back to Church for the Street Festival or south on Yonge Street.

Rick Mercer (in red) and Maple Leaf President and GM Brian Burke help to carry the PFLAG banner

"Pride Toronto encourages participation by all groups, be they community groups, businesses or organizations. This year, Pride Toronto celebrates 32 years, while reflecting on the past, and building for a future. Tell us your stories through Art Direction, Costume Design, Choreography, (Sound/Music) Mix and Special Effects. Go glitz & glam. Be colourful and creative. Go big. And have fun."

The parade was started by the motorcycle riders with their noisy choppers carrying mostly two people along the roads. Banners, flags and balloons soon filled the streets while the water-guns shot off everywhere, I had to keep cleaning my camera because there was so much water.

See more photos after the jump.
There was some nudity and body-paint but besides the costumes it was fairly tame

Time for a kiss
Toronto Roller Derby
I love these guys in their fruit costumes

TNT MEN Totally Naked Toronto Men Enjoying Nudity were also in the parade
Trojan Condoms

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Meanwhile back at the street festival.

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