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@HondaIndy Justin Wilson has a bad day

IZOD IndyCar driver Justin Wilson comes into the pits hard at the 2012 Honda Indy #Toronto. The #18 Dale Coyne Racing Sonny's car had transmission issues and cold carbon breaks and ended up hitting several crew and the Sebastian Bourdais #7 car on Friday July 6, 2012. Toronto Ambulance 923 pulls into the pits, above, to access the situation and give first aid. Then brings out the injured in the photo below.

Justin drives through the pit lanes

Justin was the 2010 pole sitter and was fourth on the time chart at 1:00.6485 when his car "refused to go into neutral". Honda Indy reported that "Crew members Michael Cole of Dale Coyne Racing and Daniel Martin of Dragon Racing were treated and released from the infield care center. Raffi Aroyan of Dragon Racing was transported to St. Michael's Hospital for further evaluation, which revealed no injuries. Chuck Homan of Dragon Racing was treated at St. Michael's Hospital and released."

Justin Wilson (left) in the pits on race day

Wilson said. :"At the last second I tried to dive into the wall to take speed off, but those guys were there and had no idea I was coming and even diving to the wall I still hit them." A ambulance pulled into pit lane and picked up two people for transportation to a local hospital.

Justin also had problems on Friday with a crash into the tires at turn number 8. The emergency crews pulled the car out of the mess, removed the front cowling and Justin cranked the car up and got back into the practice.
Justin locks up his tires as he heads into the tire barriers and the concrete wall
The tires take most of the impact

See more of Justin after the jump.

Justin waits for the emergency crews
The red and yellow flags go up to warn of the danger
Pulled out of the tire barrier

Justin's red and white Sonny's IndyCar at turn number 3

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