Monday, July 02, 2012

I passed half a million views!

Thanks to all my visitors for helping me go past the 500,000 views in July 2012 to my blog: #Toronto Grand Prix Tourist! It's only been a few short years and my viewers keep increasing annually at phenomenal rate.

With over 1.5 million YouTube channel views, my family website almost clocking 500,000 and not counting my flickr views, twitpic and twitter followers, approximately 2.5 million views of my photos, videos and posts have been seen to date. Thanks also to my brother Joe Hamilton who is a contributing photographer and writer to my blog and my wife, Ann Hamilton, who supports me in my journey to explore the great city of Toronto with my camera.

I look forward to hitting a million views on my blog sometime in the first half of next year (2013)! So stayed tuned as I continue to take photos of life and entertainment in Toronto.

PS Thanks to Bud Light Lime and Off the Grid for recently asking me to participate in their contributing blogger programs!

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