Tuesday, July 31, 2012

#Toronto Fountains

Well if we can't have waterfalls we can surely enjoy the many fountains found throughout our city. Plus we have Lake Ontario and the Islands. One of the new fountains called Sherbourne Common South is located down at the Harbourfront just east of Sugar Beach and Corus. The fountains come on around 10am and jets of water spray in the air. Across the road is the sister park named Sherbourne Common with a focus on water.

Part of the Sherbourne Common storm water treatment centre's release ponds
Berczy Park

Every time I turn a corner in Toronto I find more fountains in parks, big and small.

See more dancing water after the jump.

Freedom Arches over the reflecting pond at Nathan Phillips Square

Exhibition Place fountain
College Park
St Lawrence Market

Woodbine Park
Kensington Market
Yonge-Dundas Square
Cloud Park
The McMurtry Fountain

More of the Sherbourne Common South fountain
And across the road is Sherbourne Commoun Park

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