Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Caribbean Carnival #Toronto 2012

The steamy and colourful Scotiabank Carnival launches July 17 from 12-2pm at Nathan Phillips Square and continues until August 12. North America's Hottest Festival didn't disappoint as the heat and the beautiful girls and costumes sizzled during the hottest day in Ontario as the temperatures broke records today (36 degrees Celsius at the airport, mid-40s with the humidex thrown in. Now severe thunderstorms predicted).
This year celebrates 45 years of Carnival in Toronto and the growth of the original one week event that has become three weeks of Caribbean culture attracting millions of visitors to our city. Also celebrating an anniversary are Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago with 50 years of independence. It is time to have Bacchanal, which is uninhibited fun, so Jump Up an Play Mas.
Over 80 Mas Dancers in costume will attend the launch along with celebrities, Calypso Dancers, Soca Music, Pan Orchestra and food vendors.

The free "official launch presents the activities for the Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival Festival. It is a snapshot of the festivities. Here you can experience the rhythms and vibes of Scotiabank Toronto Caribbean Carnival and join in the celebration of the creative spirit of Caribbean carnivals and other events happening in and around Toronto."

Culminating in the Grand Parade on Saturday August 4, 2012. "After months of preparation, masqueraders in colourful and striking costumes and steel pan bands whine their way from Exhibition Place along a 3.5 kilometre stretch on Lakeshore Boulevard. This performance of bejewelled masqueraders continues to draw millions from all over the world to see the live performing street art year after year. With opportunities for VIP seating in designated, controlled areas, which will include upgraded seating, tents, marketplace, and the Carnival village."

See more beauty after the jump.

Samba Connection dancers in costume are shown in the following photos - from Canada Day at Queen's Park.

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