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Winter Wheat: I am Sparta - cus

The fresh and whimsical fantasy wonderland called Winter Wheat is located in Sparta near the shores of Lake Erie between Port Stanley and Port Bruce. The main building is a store selling art and jewelry and other cute knick knacks and quite a few pieces of TCM Metal Art. But it is what is sprinkled throughout the large grounds of the property - the imaginary world is brought to life in various sculptures and art installations.
Walking the paths there are several art pieces along the route and the occasional whimsical building, full of glass windows and whimsy are oasis of relaxation where you can enjoy a perfect day for a few minutes. The sign says that the Ontario food regulations no longer allow them to offer free tea and cookies so a little joy is missing from the last time we visited.
The centrepiece of the many works is the large blackbird playing a red piano. The bird has both glasses and a hat and the tune he plays is probably Call Me Maybe, or something from One Direction. Actually he doesn't really play so you have to use your imagination.
Lady in the tree
Madonna bra wooden snowlady sculpture

For Toronto residents the Lake Erie area of South West Ontario is a perfect day getaway - very close to the city with very little traffic. The beaches of Lake Erie tend to be very sandy and shallow far out into the lake, so the waters quickly warm up to the perfect summer swimming temperatures. There are also parks (like Longpoint)  attractions and towns like Port Bruce, Stanley (take a ride on the PS Terminal Railway), Burwell and the famous Port Dover that are a pleasure to visit. Some of our favourites include Clovermead adventure farm (closed Sundays), the TCM Metal Art guys of Harrietsville, and Winter Wheat.

On the way through the Ports we travel to Port Dover on the weekend of the Friday the 13th motorcycle rally. This weekend has one of three 2012 Friday the 13th events and in mid summer, and the last of 2012, the July 13 would be one of the most visited rally in North America (140,000 visitors estimated). Visiting on the Sunday of the biker weekend left one feeling a day late and a dollar short as residents and quiet tourists now wander the streets and hang at the beach  (see photo above).
Very few motorcycles and bikers are left in the small town of Port Dover so if you wanted to see some flashy bikes and some flashing biker chicks you will be greatly disappointed. The Friday celebrations are starting earlier in the week - Wednesday seems an easier day to get in as the day of the event tends to be a massive stop and go traffic headache. In 2013 there are two motorcycle rally days: Friday September 13 and Friday December 13. The winter one will be a much smaller affair, September should be an almost perfect time for the week of fun.
The lighthouse leading to the busy port area

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