Friday, July 20, 2012

Giant Headphones on Bus Stop

I couldn't find the giant that was wandering around Queen's Park in #Toronto, but I did find supersized headphones that they had left on a University Avenue TTC bus stop shelter. A pair very similar to these were stolen in Halifax - see the CBC story here, and then returned - no one has claimed responsibility!
The headphones are promoting free workout music from the Dairy Farmers of Canada with a slogan "Recharge Radio, Recharge with Milk" and are worth in excess of 10,000 dollars.

"The Recharge Radio app was developed by Twist Image in conjunction with Sirius Radio and is compatible with all smart phones. To customize their Recharge Radio workout, users choose from one of five playlists and program in the length of their workout. Scientific studies have shown that certain music can actually increase a person's physical endurance by up to 15 per cent.

"People enjoy working out more when they are listening to their favourite songs," said Dr. Len Kravitz, professor of Exercise Science at the University of New Mexico. "Music provides us with exercise gains, which can increase endurance, strength or speed and make a workout better. It's great that people can download the Recharge Radio app and take their workout to the next level."

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Mun-Yeen said...

Haha. I saw this while going down Yonge two weeks back. My father wanted to take it home.

Anonymous said...

why we pay a very high cost for milk in canada,milk marketing board a 70's scam

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