Monday, July 02, 2012

Samba Connection Brazilian Dancers

The fascinatingly beautiful costumes of the #Toronto Samba Connection Dance Company are hypnotizing and almost as good looking as the dancers. The costumes are both skimpy and glamorously extravagant at the same time - how they can dance in the outfits is hard to fathom. The creativity in the costumes is staggering and the show is something everyone should try to see. No wonder Caribbean Carnival is so popular!
The Samba Connection group started out originally as Brazil Nativa and has entertained crowds since 1995, promoting Afro-Brazilian culture with vibrant music highlighting both traditional and contemporary dance.
"One of the highlights of the company's performance is the parade of costumes where its glamorous and talented dances in their breath-taking costumes enchant spectators and create a tropical atmosphere and promote the zest for life that is embedded in Brazilian culture."
These pictures are from their performance at the Canada Day at Queen's Park celebration.

See more of the costumes and the performance after the jump.

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