Saturday, July 14, 2012

Navy of 1812: Sailors on the Lakes

After the fleet hoisted their colours along Queen's Quay in the #Toronto Harbourfront area the ships have made their way to Niagara-on-the-Lake for the excitement of a naval re-enactment. The weekend fun is in commemoration of the contribution of sailors to the War of 1812 and will run July 14-15, 2012. You can see the Toronto Brigantine's Playfair and Pathfinder along with the rest of the fleet from yesterday's gathering at HTO Park. Soldiers prepare to embark onto the longboats for the journey to the battle site from Fort George Navy Hall dock in the photo at top. See the Battle through Fort George photos here.
"July 14, 15, 2012 The Navy of 1812: Sailors on the Lakes. Naval encampment on the grounds of Navy Hall, Niagara-on-the-Lake, with 5 tall ships (4 Brigantines and a schooner-1812 Squadron) and 22 longboats with 300 naval re-enactors. Saturday July 14, plans call for a Longboat Processional Row at noon and at 2;00 pm an Assault landing exercise at Queens Royal Park featuring Defence Force marines and a "sham battle". "The Sailors' World in 1812" encampment features period music of "Gin Lane" and dancing demonstrations by the Fort York Regency Dancers. Sat at 7:00 pm there will be "Battle through the Fort" re-enactment at Fort George. Sunday July 15th there will be a 10:00 am Military Parade down Queen St and at 11:00 am a Naval Salute at Queens Royal Park. 2:00 pm is a final "Battle through the Fort" re-enactment at Fort George.This is a Parks Canada/Royal Canadian Navy partnered event."
The battle on the Queen's Royal Park beach head rages on

The schedule proposed for Saturday can be found after the jump.

1200-1300: Tall Ship 1812 Squadron arrives and comes to anchor forming a line (as wind, sea state and current will allow). Gun Salute from Naval Gun Battery answered by 1812 Squadron. Clewing up, furling of canvas aloft as captains

1300: Boats’ crews and Assault Force reassemble at Navy Hall dock. Defence Force marines and infantry fall in and parade through village to QRP to join Naval Gun Battery and deploy for the ‘sham battle’
The Tall Ships move close to shore and fire shipboard canon, while the longboats head towards the beach
1315-1345: Longboats slip from Navy Hall dock and row to seaward side of “tall ships” of the Squadron (weather and sea state permitting)
Shore batteries blast out towards the attacking ships

1400: Assault Landing and narrated “sham battle” (no casualties taken), Queen’s Royal Park.

1430-1445: Termination of QRP ‘sham battle”. Landing and Defence Forces form up, exchange salutes and march to encampment/Fort George.

1445-1500: Longboat Flotilla gathers at western end of ‘rocky seawall’ of QRP, then forms line and rows past audience area toward Navy Hall, coxswains saluting crowd as appropriate.

1500: “Tall Ship” 1812 Squadron raises anchors, and moves to berths alongside NOTL Sailing Club seawall.

1530-1545: Squadron and Longboat Flotilla secure alongside. NOTLSC opens public access to Squadron dock.

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