Saturday, November 12, 2011

United States Coast Guard Hollyhock

The Americans are coming, the Americans are coming. Actually too late, they are here. Moored in Toronto Harbour is the USCG cutter the Hollyhock (#214) and it's got a lot of buoys on board. I knew that because it had one of those yellow squares but instead of baby on board it said buoys on board.
The United Stages Coast Guard website shows that "Hollyhock is the 14th Juniper Class Seagoing Buoy Tender built out of a projected 16 of this class. She is 225 feet long, displaces 2,000 long tons, and is powered by two diesel engines which power a single controllable pitch propeller. Hollyhock is also equipped with bow and stern thrusters, in addition to a 20-ton hydraulic, 60-foot telescoping beam Appleton crane. She carries a crew of eight officers and 42 enlisted personnel.

Hollyhock's primary missions are aids-to-navigation (maintenance, removal and replacement), search and rescue, environmental protection and ice-breaking."

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