Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Rack 'em and stack 'em GO Trains at Bathurst North Yard

GO Transit recently expanded the Toronto GO Train storage at their Bathurst North Yard between Bathurst and Spadina - just west of Union Station. The midday storage location keeps the trains close to Union Station and reduces congestion and travel time as commuters are moved out of Toronto as efficiently as possible during the afternoon peak period service.
To the east of Union Station there is another storage facility at the Don Yard. GO Transit says that "holding these additional trains in the downtown area eliminates 160 km per day or 40,000 km per year of train travel, significantly saving fuel and reducing emissions. Storing them near Union Station also reduces the number of trains that have to be handled on the busier west end tracks. In the past, all GO Trains had to start afternoon service by coming into the station from the west."
GO Transit and Metrolinx (Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area entity created to coordinate and integrate all modes of transportation) have been upgrading and constructing new rail facilities that will help move people in and out of Toronto. They have been busy as beavers which helps get cars off the roads and also helps the environment.

With more people on the green and white double decker trains there can be more Shout Outs and Corridor Club participants.

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