Monday, November 14, 2011

#OccupyTO 'Shall Not Be Moved'

A large poster proclaimed 'We Shall Not be Moved' right beside the Occupy #Toronto gazebo. This is in response to the recent proclamation by Mayor Rob Ford that maybe it is time for them to be moved. I dropped by today to check the park and it wasn't too busy within St James Park. Maybe the regular protesters were at their day protests and would later commute back to the park. The movement in Toronto continues to be abandoned by average city dwellers who have to continue with earning a living.
Media were around checking up on the possible relocation and the threat by the group Anonymous to disrupt the City of Toronto. CTV News Toronto reporter Austin Delaney sets up in front of the park sign.

See some protest posters after the jump.

'I am your equal'
Hand signals for 'Block, Question, Disagree & Agree'

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