Saturday, November 12, 2011

Occupy Toronto goes for a stroll to Queen's Park

The longer that Occupy Toronto continues in St James Park the less the inhabitants seem to resemble the 99%. Entering the encampment you run into many that don't want their pictures taken and are quite vocal about it. Funny they gather in a park and march through the streets trying to affect change - just don't take their photo. At least they were only vocal and they didn't try to physically intimidate us, yet.
The core protesters seem to be young, professional protesters, the unemployed and those that live off the streets or on other forms of public assistance. They are joined by anarchists, communists, some union members and aboriginals protesting for land rights. There are also some average people, then tons of main stream media and plenty of bloggers.
It certainly creates quite a catch 22 situation. You want people to be able to legally protest, to gather and make their cause known. You don't want to allow no-go zones where police will not venture within. And you certainly don't want the politicians and police to over react with excessive force to remove the protesters, which will draw more of the 99% into the fight - to once again protest for the right to protest (similar to how many joined the G20 protests).
I know that many things are unfair but I would argue that destroying capitalism and replacing it with anarchy or communism would probably be a big mistake. The group got together, discussed the potential plans and decided on aboriginal rights for the days protest. The human microphone system was put into action, they made some speeches at the gazebo in St James Park, assembled the flags and banners, and off they went. They were as peaceful as you can be as they took over the roadway, escorted by the Toronto Police bicycle units.

We heard the destination was the United States Consulate on University Avenue. They did stop on the northbound lanes of University Avenue across from the consulate, ending an Iran/Iraq protest mid chant, and they carried on north to the steps of Queen's Park.
Occupy Toronto on University Ave across from the US Consulate
On the steps of Queen's Park

See more pictures after the jump.

CityTV news reporter

James reporting from St James Park (photo by Joe Hamilton)

Dog protester with sign saying "FATCATS ARE TASTY"

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