Monday, November 21, 2011

Court upholds eviction from Toronto St James Park

Some of the Occupy Toronto St James Park campers have started pulling out of the park after the court ruling that paved the way for the movements eviction as sought by the City. As some of the protesters start to remove their possessions more people (protesters and media) streaming into the area has rapidly increased the population in the park in anticipation of the eviction process. Several protesters chained themselves to the Yurt which has been serving as a library (photo at top).
Several bike police were across the road from the park and a few lonely protesters called out to the police while inside the park they larger group congregated around the gazebo.
News crews wait for the eviction process.
The City of Toronto press release states that the municipality “is pleased by Mr. Justice David M. Brown’s ruling announced today that the City's notice issued on November 15 is constitutionally valid. The City respectfully asks Occupy Toronto and others occupying St. James Park for their cooperation in peacefully complying with that ruling.
The City is grateful that Mr. Justice Brown has upheld its right to require that the tents or other structures not be erected or maintained in our parks, and that individuals not use, gather or enter City parks from 12.01 a.m. to 5:30 a.m.

“The City has worked to balance people's right to protest with public safety. However, this unauthorized use of a City park has interfered with the rights local residents have to the quiet enjoyment of their parks and homes and has negatively affected many area businesses. City parks are for all residents to enjoy and there are bylaws that govern their use that must be respected. It is time for this to come to a peaceful end," said Mayor Rob Ford.

“Protestors are required to remove all tents, shelters or other structures,” said City Manager Joseph Pennachetti. “The City is willing to assist to ensure the safe and orderly removal of these materials. We are asking for protestors to cooperate and respect the Court’s decision. It is our intent to facilitate this peacefully.”

Shelter, Support and Housing Administration staff will continue to be available at the Adelaide Women’s Resource Centre to assist anyone who may need help with shelter, housing or other supports.

The City extends its appreciation to the Court for its timely consideration of this matter.”

See more of today's occupation after the jump.

What would Santa Do?
A General Assemble underway at the gazebo

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