Tuesday, November 15, 2011

OccupyTO trespassing, OWS evicted

The City of #Toronto issued a trespass notice to the #OccupyTO protesters in St James Park today "Toronto issues notice under Trespass to Property Act at St. James Park. On November 15, City staff hand delivered a letter from City Manager Joe Pennachetti (pdf) and a notice under the Trespass to Property Act (pdf) to protesters at St. James Park, advising that they immediately leave the park."

They further state that "Since October 15, staff of several City divisions including Parks, Forestry and Recreation, Public Health, Fire Services, Municipal Licensing and Standards, and Solid Waste Management have visited the park regularly to ensure that fire, health and safety standards are being met and that litter and recycle bins are emptied. In addition, Shelter, Support and Housing Administration staff have provided program information and supports to people who are homeless in the park who may be in need of emergency shelter.

The City has worked to balance people's right to protest with public safety. Residents and businesses have been very reasonable and patient. Protesters have been very peaceful and the City is very appreciative of this. However, it's time this came to a peaceful end.

The protesters have not approached the City nor has the City given permission to use St. James Park for the type of activity that has been ongoing there since October 15. Many activities at St. James Park are contrary to City bylaws, policies and practices with respect to the use of City parks and other public spaces.

Protesters are required to remove all tents and other structures, equipment and debris immediately. The City is willing to assist to ensure the safe and orderly removal of these materials. It is the City’s intent to facilitate this peacefully. Further updates will be provided when available."

In addition to the Toronto notice the politicians in New York decided that the Occupy Wall Street protest had to go and early this morning the police moved in and emptied the park. A number of cities were reported to be in on a conference call that attempted to coordinate the removal of various occupations throughout America. The photos below are of the Occupy Wall Street Zuccotti Park prior to the police action by Joe Hamilton.

Reports of media blackouts and news choppers being grounded filled twitter feeds.

grimwomyn grimwomyn
Oakland Mayor Admits Cities Coordinated Crackdown on #OccupyMovement wp.me/p1BCIH-4i #occupytogether #occupywallstreet #occupywallst
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tedalexandro Ted Alexandro
Please read and RT this slideshow of journalists' tweets from last night at OWS 'Media Blackout'.huffingtonpost.com/2011/11/15/occ… #OWS #OccupyWallSt
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Also noted was the use of a sonic weapon and plenty of police violence to help empty the park.

The NYPD have brought in a LRAD which is a sonic weapon used to subdue people still in the park #OWS #OccupyWallSt
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JennaMorasca Jenna Morasca
OMG have u seen this? @occupyrydyc video of #ows #occupywallstprotesters being beaten on their way out of zucotti pktwitvid.com/SGWD9
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We will have to wait longer for the Occupy Toronto situation to see how and if they plan to fight the planned eviction from the park, especially with posters stating that Occupy Toronto "shall not be moved".

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