Thursday, November 10, 2011

Whoopass, yeah I'm opening it

Cans of Whoopass, how can a day in #Toronto get any better? I ran into some Jones Soda Company Whoopass energy drink reps getting ready to spread some pre-holiday cheer with some samples of their fine @drinkwhoopass tall boy beverage on Front Street East, very close to Union Station.
My brother Joe Fresh had found out about this soda some time ago and he tried to get some in Canada - but at the time they weren't sold in Ontario. You could order a six pack delivered at a reasonable cost of about $10 but the shipping was $30, so no go with that deal. We then tried to get some in the States during a visit to an air show tour but couldn't find them there either. I was excited to see them promoting their brand on the streets.

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