Thursday, November 03, 2011

Movember; Glory in the Stache

Movember is the month when the elusive wild mustache is hunted, collected and displayed on the lips of men. Now the famed facial hair is not only there to catch food and drink, nay, it is there to raise money and awareness in the fight for Men's Health Issues. A large mustache is being painted on Yonge Street just outside Toronto Eaton Centre - the world's longest street now has a big stache! Support the cause and ride a mustache.
I know a group of friends in the BringingPowerToThePeople Movember team who says "Now I hope that most of the men will get involved and show their support by growing some creative mustaches of their own. As for the women, we would love your support not only through donations but possibly by embracing the mustache with a compliment on its beauty here or there if you see one around your office.
Movember just off Bay Street
I thank you for your time and appreciate whatever donation you can make. Let’s grow together to put an end to Prostate Cancer!"

You can even find graffiti with mustaches in Kensington Market.

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