Thursday, November 10, 2011

Occupy Toronto; Peace before the storm

With complaints rising against the #OccupyToronto takeover of St James Park the City of Toronto looks to evict the protesters from the tent filled parkland, possibly starting as early as next week. I was on hand as uniformed members of the Toronto Fire Services walked through the park checking out the condition of the site. Mayor Rob Ford's council briefing notes and his declaration that it is time for the peaceful protest to "move on" and come to an end.
CityT reporter Pam Seatle leads her camera operator near the gazebo

Media descended on the park to pick up interviews with the occupiers to determine their intentions to vacate St James Park if requested. CityTV reporter Pam Seatle (last seen with a gas mask at the G20 protest) was checking out her options at the gazebo where a crowd of video cameras had gathered around several of the protesters.
One of the three union supplied Yurts sits near the Cathedral

The Toronto Star reports that "City manager Joe Pennachetti said Thursday morning that the city will move in as early as next week. “Starting next week, we will have more discussions with those people at the site. And we will be moving forward with appropriate steps relative to that site. That will occur starting next week. I’ll just leave it at that for now. We’ll probably have more announcements for you early next week,” he said."

See more of the occupation after the jump.

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