Saturday, November 05, 2011

The Bay and Christmas Windows

The downtown #Toronto Bay store unveiled their detailed Christmas dioramas along Queen Street West. The longstanding tradition of holiday window displays are full of tiny little animated figures and settings which try to capture the spirit of Christmas.  Rudolph gets into his harness in anticipation of pulling the sleigh in the photo at top.
Christmas trees full of sparkly lights and red roped off areas along the street allow pedestrians to linger and watch the miniature life go on without interfering with commuters in a hurry to get home.
looking after Santa's sleigh and the reindeer
Mrs Clause puts a blanket around the shoulders of Santa at a full dinner table
As we approach Christmas the temperatures in Toronto continue to drop with it getting close to zero late at night, no snow has fallen yet and the City works on the rink in Nathan Phillips Square - I think they are replacing the freezing tubes, so no skating outside yet.

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