Friday, June 17, 2011

Toronto Pro SuperShow 2011

Buff bodies, tanned faces - and that was just the visitors attending the Toronto Pro SuperShow 2011 which is underway at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre (Fri June 17 to Sat June 18). The show is being held in two large halls - one with the venders and main Expo stage in Exhibit Hall 'B' and a Combatitive area (boxing and the martial arts) in Exhibit Hall 'A'. Being right downtown there is also plenty of public transit options and available parking. I will eat a bit more spinach before I hit next year's SuperShow! The entrance fee to the large Hall 'A' Expo was a very reasonable $10 and you could catch many of the muscle and fitness competitions.
Fitness equipment and apparel along with nutrition were the key exhibitors in the hall and I had to admire some of the names: One Hot Tamale Activewear, Ripped Freak and Food Scrooge. There was even a plastic surgery exhibitor at the Expo. The crowds of visitors were enjoying the shows and vendors and the start of the Toronto Pro SuperShow can only grow as fitness and nutrition continue to be so important to everyone. I even thought I saw Ice Tea and Coco (in a brunette wig and camouflage skirt) wandering the aisles but they wouldn't let me take their picture so I can't prove it.
The Fitness Expo will continue tomorrow, Saturday, June 18th. They say "get ready, Toronto, for two days of heart-pumping, hard-core sprots adrenaline! The largest collection of extreme sports ever held in Canada is here!" Celebrity bodybuilders were signing autographs and posing with appreciative fans.
Canada's Largest Fitness Expo had plenty of exhibitors and events going on in the Expo Hall and featured bodybuilding, strongman, weightlifting, powerlifting, arm wrestling, boxing, kickboxing, judo, Wushu and fitness, figure and bikini competitions. Here are  my photos from the Women's bodybuilding, more bodybuildingBikini and FitnessOxygen Magazine Model Search and the MuscleMag Model Search competitions.
Some technique discussion and practice in preparation for the Canadian Armwrestling Federation (CAWF) Pro and Amateur North American Armwrestling Championships was going on above. I was scared to hear of the 'Destroyer Grip Challenge' on Friday but I don't think anyone lost their hands so it was probably pretty cool. 
My god those strongman guys were big and strong and they put on a great show.

The ladies had initial judging for IFBB events: Pro Women's Bodybuilding, Fitness, Figure Open, Figure Masters and Bikini.  There was also preliminaries for the Oxygen Fitness Model Search and a MuscleMag Bikini Search. You can watch the finals tomorrow - so drop by and check out the competitions and the 140,000 square feet of Expo and Extreme Sports.

There are lots more pictures after the jump.

Exhibitors: Mode Risque
products included truEnergy
Provincial and North American Strongman Championships and for the first time ever a Canada versus USA Strongman took place over the Friday and Saturday shows. The competitions included log lift, car deadlift hold, tire flip, wheel barrow, atlas stones (above) and the Hercules hold.

I stopped to do a few reps, a little pumping goes a long way. The show hosted the Toronto Weightlifting Championships and had a number of public weightlifting demonstrations.
Getting early seats to watch the Women's competitions.

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