Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Throughout the universe, forever

You could live on forever, throughout the universe if you wandered past the cameras at Yonge and Dundas today during the filming of a Government of Ontario tourism production. Throughout the universe - man, I didn't realize the government could plan so well for the future when we travel between planets and solar systems watching a Toronto tourism film for the early turn of the century in 2011! At least the rights are for something public and fairly innocent - I believe the title was 'Down and dirty in the streets of TO - the Yonge Street Strip'.
Of course this will expire when the revised Judgement Day strikes this October. See the writing on the poster after the jump.

"A camera crew is taping footage in this area for inclusion in a tourism video being produced on behalf of The Government of Ontario. By entering this area you consent to being photographed and/or recorded by the Producer, and, at the Producer's sole discretion, you may be included in the Video, without compensation to you, for unlimited use, throughout the universe forever, in all media (including but not limited to TV, DVD, INTERNET and WIRELESS DEVICES). Thank you for joining us! Ontario, CANADA.

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