Monday, June 06, 2011

Luminato 2011 - Art under construction

Hey, good art takes time, great art is timeless and big art takes a lot of work to hang. The Luminato 2011 art installation 'Sargasso' is currently being  put together in Brookfield Place. There is a lot of stuff hanging from the ceiling.

Luminato provides the following information regarding the art installation. "In his Luminato-commissioned installation, Philip Beesley’s Sargasso combines visionary design with high-tech digital engineering to transform a downtown public space – and to offer a glimpse of the potential future of architectural art. A worldwide pioneer in the fast-growing field of responsive architecture, Beesley and his team of collaborators from the disciplines of architecture, engineering, biology, and sculpture use interactive technology to infuse one of Toronto’s busiest spaces with astonishing new life."

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