Monday, June 20, 2011

G20 Anniversary

This weekend will mark the one year anniversary of the G20 2010 Summit held in downtown Toronto and to celebrate the happy memories there will be a 2pm rally on June 25, 2011 at Queen's Park. Bring an anniversary card and cupcakes in lieu of cakes and presents. 'Protest your right to protest'!

There have been calls for inquiries and investigations but society isn't necessarily interested in exposing the reasons behind some of the decisions made during the protests. Many still believe that anyone downtown was responsible for the rioting and they deserved whatever they got. My shock was finding how easy it was to lose your rights and start to fear the police and politicians. There were few people held responsible for the issues that developed throughout the summit, whether it was the Black Bloc or the authorities, and only a few gained notice beyond the Toronto G20 weekend - except maybe for Officer 'Bubbles'.

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